I am Robin,
your nutritionist

Hello! My name is Robin and I live in beautiful Pointe-Claire with my husband, two young boys and my cat, Tetley, who runs the place.

I love to eat – there’s a reason I chose to study food! I enjoy exploring new restaurants and trying out the many culinary delights Montreal has to offer (poutine included). Although far from being a master chef, I do love spending time in my kitchen discovering tasty, simple and nourishing recipes. I get to share this passion by volunteering at the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre where I offer a vegetarian cooking class.

I am a fitness enthusiast and I enjoy jogging, boxing , doing yoga or simply running after my kids.

As far as other pastimes go, I am not ashamed to admit that I love nothing more than curling up in front of the TV and getting wrapped up in a good Netflix series – new suggestions are always appreciated!

Looking forward to working with you!

My Philosophy

When it comes to nutrition, I believe that healthy eating means more than just having the right balance of nutrients on your plate. Having a happy & healthy relationship with food is just as, if not more important. As human beings, we are designed to derive pleasure from eating – this is why celebration in every culture revolves around food! When “trying to be healthy” overrides this enjoyment and starts impacting our happiness and social interactions, it is time to reflect and rebalance our eating habits.

As a dietitian, I practice “gentle“ nutrition. This means that I will not impose strict rules or diet plans. I will not ask my clients to measure or weigh their foods or count calories. I understand that changes, no matter how small, take time.When it comes to eating well, I find knowing WHAT to eat is secondary to HOW to eat. In sessions with my clients, we work with elements of mindful or intuitive eating – reflecting on some of the emotional or environmental cues in our lives may be affecting our food and eating habits.

I am a “weight neutral dietitian“ and try to base my practice on “Health at Every Size” (HAES©) principles. This movement is founded on the mounting research that health is not defined by weight. It is important to note that my focus working with clients is on building healthy lifestyle habits, because, regardless of weight change, this is what benefits the body most. Because of this, I do not weigh my clients or take body measures. This is not how I measure success.

My way of working may initially surprise clients who may be used to following stricter regimens. But if you are tired of feeling the need to restrict or punish yourself in order to lose weight, perhaps it is time to try something new. Let me help you to make a lasting change to your lifestyle, not by simply having a better understanding of food, but by understanding your relationship with food.

Media Appearances

I’ve appeared on Global, Breakfast Television, CJAD, CBC News and CBC Living Montreal as a nutritional specialist.

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My Experience

After graduating from McGill University, I began my career working at the Montreal General Hospital, where I spent many years developing my clinical expertise in many areas, specializing primarily as an oncology dietitian.
After having my second child, I decided to begin my private practice in the West-Island, focusing more on preventative health. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work with a vast array of clients of all ages as well as align myself with many schools, sports teams and workplaces, providing workshops to help better nutritional knowledge.

My Promise as your Dietician

“I will not offer quick fixes or set unrealistic goals.
Change takes time & motivation. I will give you both. 

I will not sell you powders, potions or pills.
I will show you true health begins with real food.

 I will not preach and I will never say never.
All foods have an occasional place on your plate. 

I will not force you to be pinched, prodded or weighed.
Your results will be felt in  a meaningful way. 

I will not put you on a diet.
I will help make good nutrition a part of your life.”